Product overview
The company's products:
A."Metal fuel-air battery" with high safety without charging, only Supply metal fuel:
   1.Product application: EV, AGV, AUV, BBU, ESS, 5G, AI, IoT and other batteries that require safety requirements.
     Electric vehicles, mobile vehicle start-ups, drones, energy storage systems, backup power supplies, 5G, smart industries, the Internet of Things, etc., require high-quality batteries.
   2.Carbon electrode: used for air battery, energy density reaches: (this data is zinc air battery ZAB)
     Single cell energy density 245mW/cm2; single cell maximum current density: 360mA/cm2
     System energy density 325mW/cm2; system maximum current density: 186mA/cm2
     (If it is changed to aluminum-air battery AAB, the single cell can reach about 350mW/cm2)
   3.The combination of MAB metal fuel air battery and SSCap solid super capacitor or ternary lithium battery is one of the main applications of electric vehicle hybrid power systems in the future.

B.Solid super capacitors and solid lithium batteries: Safe、long life and fast charging.