Environmental protection Generator
Environmental protection Generator:
A) Safe, economical, convenient, clear and environmentally friendly; changing fuel does not require charging, and the mileage is unlimited.
   Metal-fuel-air batteries are also called "environmental protection generators" or "ultimate batteries".
   It is applied to EV power battery, energy storage, backup power supply and emergency power supply in disaster areas in remote and remote islands.
B) When the energy density of the air battery: 200mA/cm: 300A 1V per cell
   Battery size: 50X30 cm = 1500 cm2 x 0.2A=300 A/piece
   Power of each stack (module): 48V 300A (14.4kw)
C) Eight advantages
   1. Environmental protection process and recycling are pollution-free
   2. Safety. The battery does not burn or explode
   3. Convenient. Just add metal fuel
   4. Economy: The price is about one-third of lithium batteries
   5. The life span is as maintainable as a lithium battery
   6. The efficiency is about three times that of gasoline cars
   7. Light weight. About one-third of lithium batteries
   8. Reliability. There is no problem of overcharge and overdischarge