Hydrogen and oxygen generator
In response to global climate change, global zero-carbon energy reform is imperative. The European Union will fully implement a carbon tax in 2026. The United States, Britain, Japan and Australia have also set targets. The Taiwanese government will recently legislate a 2050 zero-carbon plan. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has set CNPC's future operation of hydrogen energy supply Business. Taipower develops energy storage systems. The United States, Japan, Britain, Australia, South Korea, and the European Union will switch to hydrogen steelmaking and use. Taiwan's Sinosteel will take the lead in the transformation. Other high-carbon industries are bound to step up and follow up
At present, 1 cubic meter of hydrogen is higher than 100 yuan because the high cost of high-pressure storage and transportation will affect the willingness of manufacturers to transform energy. The government should pay attention to it.
Jinhuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. leads the world in launching pure hydrogen and pure oxygen gas production equipment, which will allow Taiwan to reduce production costs and increase global competitiveness. The government should guide manufacturers to accelerate transformation
Cost-benefit analysis of transformation: The company's pure hydrogen pure oxygen gas generator needs 3.45 degrees of electricity to electrolyze 1 cubic meter of hydrogen + 0.5 cubic meters of oxygen from water, but it improves the combustion efficiency and heat. The air + oxygen flame temperature is 1300 degrees. The carbon + oxygen temperature is 1700 Degrees. The temperature of hydrogen + oxygen is 3200 degrees. On-site hydrogen production reduces the high energy consumption of high-pressure storage and transportation. It can greatly reduce the price of hydrogen
This machine is fully automatic IC control and easy to operate. It is equipped with fault self-diagnosis. Abnormal automatic shutdown function. Low-pressure gas production is equipped with anti-riot equipment and equipment protection devices. The safety is guaranteed. The raw material is pure water
Applicable to: high carbon industry. Steelmaking. Boiler. Wire drawing machine. Heat treatment....Welding. Cutting
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