Sterilization and Purification products
Why cleaning agents or hot water can clean dirt? Generally, water molecules have more than 24 molecular groups. Cleaning agents and hot water can make water into small molecular groups.
The outer layer of bacterial DNA has a charged protective layer. General medicine only destroys the outer layer to make the bacteria inactive (inactivate), but fails to decompose its DNA. If the environment is conducive to the survival of the bacteria, it becomes a variant resistant bacteria.
The sterilization device is the voltage destruction of DNA, in addition to sterilization, it can also produce small molecular groups of water, and separate H2O to produce a large amount of OH- and free radicals and H+ electron energy.
Small device is suitable for: washing hands and antibacterial, washing fruit thinning (can decompose residual pesticides), eggs and meat products. Japan TOTO is used for toilet flushing water generation.
Large-scale application: sewage treatment, aquaculture, dyeing and finishing industry.