gel battery
Advantages of gel battery products
A) Double the life cycles of lead-acid battery. (~400 cycles 100%DOD)
B) Wide operating temperature range. (-20 ℃ still 60% -20hrs)
C) The self-discharge is low, and it can be stored for 18 months at room temperature (20C℃). (>50%)
D) High rate (2C) charging. (2hrs full charge)
E) High rate (25C) discharge. (8 sec> 200times)
F) Improve the shortcomings of insufficient capacity of the original gel battery. (45Ah/kg)
G) And retain the low price and low cost advantages of lead-acid batteries. (x1.2)
H) The characteristics of all gel type: flame-resistant, safe, and liquid-proof.
I) Low internal resistance and stable characteristics.


Rated Voltage 12V Cells (2V/cell)
Rated Capacity 100AH/20HRs Terminal: (M8 Bolt)
Dimension Length 328±1mm(12.91in)
Width 176±1mm(6.93in)
Height 214±1mm(8.43in)
Total Height 222±1mm(8.74in)
Weight 28.6 kgs 62.92 lbs
Container Material ABS.UL94-0
Resist acid, resist oil, resist vibration.
Index of oxygen
Type of electrolyte Gelled type AGM, Non-spillable